Logistic services of ARNAELL AG company help to significantly optimize business processes and reduce costs for their organization. We offer the following logistics services:

  • Transportation. We organize the transfer of any property from the sender to the recipient via the most optimal route. The best route is the one which helps as quickly as possible and with the lowest cost to deliver the object of logistics at the destination. The main objective of transport logistics is optimization of transportation process.


The object of the transportation and logistics can be absolutely any cargo, from very small to oversized. Oversized transportations are one of the most difficult types of transportation, and their implementation will need to seek the assistance of logistics specialists. To oversized cargoes include machinery, steel structures, industrial equipment and more. Oversized transportations are carried out by quite a small number of companies, but all companies can offer services for determination of the size and weight of the goods, the most appropriate choice of transport, building fixtures, developing optimal logistic schemes of transportation, registration of accompanying documents and approval of the transport authorities road safety.

  • Warehousing. Optimization of processes of receiving, locating, storing and processing inventory. Warehouse logistics aimed at achieving the most efficient use of logistical, financial and human resources.


  • Purchasing. Providing industry with all necessary materials in shortest time with maximum efficiency and quality.


  • Sales. Delivery of the goods at the right time and place with the lowest cost.

In the last few years, the greatest demand is there for warehousing and transport logistics services. Warehouse logistics aimed at optimizing the cost for acceptance, storage and handling of goods in warehouses. With the help of warehouse logistics is possible to reduce not only material but also labor and time costs for organization storage. While there has been a steady interest in logistics as a whole, which ultimately boosts our work on new proposals of certain types of logistics services.