Investments can be subdivided into financial and speculative ones. Under the financial investments we usually mean the acquisition of assets via financial instruments (e.g. purchase of shares for dividends). Under speculative investments we usually mean the same, but their main goal is making a profit from the price movements of the asset (it may be the same stocks). The border between the two is thin, and nowdays both can be called financial ones.


  • Mutual Funds Stock Market
  • Futures and Options
  • ZPIF Real Estate
  • Bank Deposits
  • Useful Forex
  • Promotions
  • Bonds


    • Low risks

Low risks include Bank deposits, government bonds and closed-end mutual Fund of real estate.

Bank deposits — this is perhaps the most interesting tool for beginners. It’s good because if you decided to deal your finances, you can begin immediately. In parallel, you can dealg with riskier and more profitable instruments.

The bonds can carry both low and high risks. It depends on their species. But if we are talking about low risk, often, their yield is comparable with a Bank Deposit. And the first just more convenient for a private investor.

ZPIF of real estate allows you to invest in real estate without having the amount of the whole apartment. However, entrance to this market is all the same noticeable — a few hundred thousand.

    • Medium risks

Here in the first place we see the mutual Funds in the stock market, where service companies buy stocks and bonds with the aim of increasing asset prices. If until 2008 it was still possible to say that this is an interesting tool, now to the sales managers all the more difficult to convince investors to invest money here.

    • High risks

You can trade by yourself or join successful traders in trading on the derivatives market (futures & options) or Forex.

If self-trade is clear, in order to invest in foreign trade you have to learn to choose the right platform and strategy. And given that such tools are distributed only on the Forex, the more you have to learn to separate the brokerage company’s work model from the kitchen.

When a serious approach to the investment is done to fiтв a good Forex market, it is necessary to choose a brokerage model and strategy without martingale. In this case, there are some new opportunities for investment. For good Forex we mean the brokerage model of operation: the conclusion of all transactions on external counterparties and the absence of a conflict of interest between the trader and the company.

The most sensible option is to divide your savings into two unequal parts. A big part of investing in instruments with low risk and a smaller part — in instruments with greater risk.

To compare different financial strategies or tools required numbers. Read more about choice based on financial risk and return from our experts.