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ARNAELL AG is one of the Europe’s leading transporters of goods all around the world, providing logistics, certification and goods transportation in more than 50 European countries and on other continents. In addition to the transport group the Company also includes the group of financial and investment activities and the group of soft drinks, juices and water industry and distribution.

The ARNAELL AG has solid indicators of one of the leaders in European quality soft drinks production. Only in the last three years the Company increased its core staff of experts by more than 270 great people. Over the past two years the Company opened 7 branches in North America and 4 representative offices in Russia.

Profitability of soft drinks over the past two years increased by 24%. In the production list presents a wide range of soft drinks, juices and water of European quality. Products have all necessary quality certificates and permits for use.

Implemented financial and investment activities in the field of logistics and transportation, as well as in other areas. Ask your questions to our manager now: 3725 333 6666.