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SILBERPFEIL — energy drink of the new generation, belongs to the category of ECO-power engineers. Our product consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Thanks to its unique composition, SILBERPFEIL tones up the body without the negative influence inherent in traditional power engineers. Natural ingredients have a strong stimulating effect without harm to health.

SILBERPFEIL - is the first energy drink that has undergone ecological expertise and has a conclusion with the right to apply the ECO mark on the surface of the can since 2018.



The SILBERPFEIL brand is the official partner of Mercedes-Benz AMG Motorsport with the Mercedes logo for the products. Investments are attracted for consistent expansion into the markets of the United States, Asia and some European countries. At the moment, the energy drink has taken market share in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Exit to the markets of Russia and CIS countries, Asia and the US allows you to cover promising areas of business development. Assistance in the form of a legendary brand will provide consumer loyalty and multiply sales.

An important direction of the company's activity in Russia is the construction of a modern distribution system through local sales representatives. Under the contract, counterparties acquire branded refrigeration equipment and shipment of energy drinks. A moderate level of initial investment and guaranteed monthly income, even at the starting level of sales, opens up great opportunities for concluding trade agreements throughout Russia.



Maximilian Götz, racer in ADAC GT

Today energy drinks are essential. SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink will give me strength, my drinking bottle is filled with it, of course. I am very delighted to have the support of this young brand with such an awesome name, which fits perfectly to Mercedes-Benz. I would like to popularise this new brand at the speedways

Michaela and Daniel Herlbauer, triathlon couple

Even during competition, SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink has saved us from a performance loss and gives us a crucial energy boost in the final phase. The extreme physical challenge as well as the mental strength at the Ironman are very important aspects. SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is the perfect support for us, enabling us to stay concentrated and focused for long periods (8-10 hours).